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Communication is so essential for us social beings.

Not even social distancing and Covid-19 could hold back the willingness to become strong, eloquent speakers.

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Photo showing our members working on their stutter during a McGuire Course

Eight (8) new students pushed out their comfort zones on the latest intensive course in Aarhus, Denmark determined to do something positive for themselves and their stuttering. The journey of hard work has begun, and the light in their eyes are now flaming.

Not even social distancing and Covid-19 could hold back the willingness to become strong, eloquent speakers.

We made sure that all the recommendations from the local government were met, especially by maintaining a good physical distance between the people in the course room and by having a restricted number of participants. We enhanced the important guidelines of hygiene e.g. but we did not give the Coronavirus the lead role on the course – it was occupied by strong discipline, courage and having fun.

On the course, the new students learned techniques and mental tools to turn the fear of stuttering into a belief that their message is important and true. ‘He, who is brave, is free.’

Freedom was thriving in Aarhus this weekend. The course was characterized by letting each student’s individual stories and personality shine through in their newfound voice. Here is a selection of heartfelt words from some of the new students during their public speeches:

“I am a person who stutters. I have stuttered all my life. And most of my life I have been afraid of being a stutterer. I have felt a great deal of shame as well and fear, that if I stutter, you will not accept me. You will think that I am stupid, or that I cannot deal with my problems. But I have also learned, especially in the last two days, that I can do something about it. I can work hard, I can apply some good techniques, and I can learn how to control my stutter, how to live with it and be okay. So, I’m looking forward to the hard work ahead, and I want to thank everyone in the McGuire Programme, even those I haven’t even met yet, people from all over the world, who are going to support me and vice versa. I want to thank you with all of my heart”.

“Stuttering is about emotions. I did not know that it was so important to me, to be able to say, what I want to say when I want to say it and exactly in what manner I want to say it. I have always thought that if I were able to hide my stutter, I would become a happy man. But I have been so awfully wrong. I thought that if I could speak freely and say what I wanted, then I would be happy. So, thank you McGuire Programme for being my answer. I am eternally grateful. I am so happy to be a part of this incredible family. Thank you”

Karoline & Christian Myrvang Breuner: McGuire Programme Course Instructors