Great 2018 Year for McGuire ANZ in Melbourne, Australia

McGuire Programme Melbourne 2018 - Debating and Acting Workshops

2018 marks a great year for the McGuire Programme in Australia and New Zealand. Not only did we have a record number of new graduates joining the programme in the last few years, but we also had a quality increase in the amount of coaches and instructors in the region. We also had a lot of success with initiating new process improvements both during courses as well as in the after support, with thus far, very positive outcomes for all members involved.

Melbourne November 2019 (I should say MEGA-LBOURNE) was an amazing course, testing out the three-day format, as run in many other regions worldwide. We had 13 brave new students complete their very first intensive course, and join the ever growing McGuire ANZ family and become “graduates”. Students, that transformed in front of all our eyes, from barely able to say their name with or without using tricks and avoidances to being able to jump up, on the largest stage in the middle of Federation Square, Melbourne and speak of the cuff to a crowd of over 100 people. A major factor for the success of the course was the usual turn out of not only returning graduates of the programme, but also a strong team of 10+ coaches, 3 course instructors and a range of advanced training courses for those that are ready to take their speech to the next level.
Inspirational, Challenging, Life-changing, Eye-opening – were just some of the phrases used to describe the Melbourne intensive course by all that were involved.

The McGuire Programme ANZ region is ever growing, and proving to be one of the best (if not the best) alternatives to any “traditional” speech therapy, where we don’t just focus on the speech, but the person as a whole – providing them with the knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques that they will be able to use in absolutely any speaking situation and eventually become eloquent and effective communicators, transcending the need to become “fluent” and instead achieve fluency and much, much more as part of their journey to eloquence and self-actualisation.
The programme enables the journey to eloquence to happen organically and with the help of the international support network that the McGuire Programme is so famous for.


Do you have a stutter (stammer)? We can help! To sign up to attend the next intensive course in Australia and New Zealand hosted in Wellington, January 30 - follow the this link to apply