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Letting Go Of Fear And Leaving Behind Their Stutter

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Letting Go Of Fear: The course started on Wednesday the 31st with a brief explanation of the physical and psychological concepts of a stutter by Alfredo, in order to familiarize new students with the subject that would be seen in greater depth during the course. Then, it was time for interviews with the new students, who felt nervous and uncomfortable exposing themselves to this difficult situation, but they all managed to pass through it, showing us their true speech situation, which they should overcome in the course.

The next day, we worked really hard to begin to accustom the new students to use the techniques, as well as a great reinforcement for graduates. At first, it was uncomfortable for the new students, questioning the techniques and their use a little, but little by little they got used to it and realized that it really worked.

On Friday we saw all the psychological concepts, which served to better understand our behaviours and how to face ourselves to persevere in our challenging situations. In the evening they made calls to their relatives and many were excited to reveal themselves to their closest, others did not want to be ashamed but eventually, they overcame it and were very relieved by the support provided by their acquaintances.

Finally, Saturday arrived to expose themselves to the public speech challenge, feeling amazed at being able to achieve it. Finally, we met back at the hotel to show the videos of the first day to the new students, most were shocked to see their past stuttering and felt very empowered about how they handle it now with the techniques learned. Later the new ones shared their experience, as well as words of graduates and parents to give support.

Total thanks to Alfredo González and Iván Ramón for their willingness to teach, to new graduates for their perseverance in learning and former graduates for the desire to always move on and resume when we are in difficult times.

Tomás Campino