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Latin America – Online Course For People Who Stutter

McGuire Latin America Virtual Course!! Region: Latin America This is your starting point.

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McGuire Latin America Virtual Course for people who stutter held from Thursday, December 2 to Sunday, December 5, 2021

The virtual course of the McGuire program was carried out in virtual mode, due to the pandemic that is affecting the world at the moment; the course began on December the 2nd. The introduction session was held by the Coaches: Alexis Regalado (Mexico), Ariel Kohan (Argentina), Deyvis Escalante (Peru) and Malcolm Cisneros (Mexico), later Alfredo González, Regional Director in Latin America and instructor of the course gave the instructions for the days to follow.

We had an intense experience; sharing 3 full days of practice: online immersion and most of all helping each other to perform the best we can under pressure. We want to learn everything about taking control over our stammer, and identify what happens physically-emotionally and socially that makes us trigger the distortion, tricks and avoidance. It is not easy to change overnight a negative habit pattern reinforced throughout our speaking life experience and communication identity. That’s why it is so important to replace what has been negative with positive. Sounds easy, but it is possible. 

The 4-day intensive course is just our starting point into a life membership and ongoing support. It al depends on the time, effort and enthusiasm we put in. But the results are really amazing.
To close the course we had a family and friends session to explain all of what was done during the course to the relatives of the new students, who expressed their sincere gratitude for the great support provided and the speeches were truly emotional.

Latin America region wishes all happy holidays and a fantastic 2022 ahead; full of bravery, hard work and articulate eloquence!

Ing. Alfredo González G.
Director McGuire Latinoamérica
Cel. +52 (871) 131 86 36
Skype: alfredo.glz.glz