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Brotherhood And Solidarity Beyond Stuttering

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McGuire Programme Course Reports Latin America

We had 6 new brave students; all men – 2 coverts / 4 overts, ages from 22 to 42 years old.

We started on Wednesday 28 of November a 7 PM sharp, accompanied by family members of the new students.

Thursday went by very quickly. The “heaviest” day of the course turned out to be very enjoyable and successful. By focusing on the physical aspects we covered all the bases really fast and with exact coordination.

On Friday we focused on the psychological aspects to master and conquer the stutter. We showed the big difference between living as a victim and facing the stutter with bravery, honesty, respect and assertiveness!

6 new students on the McGuire Programme! – For this course, no one had doubts about the enrolment to become lifetime members of the McGuire Programme; on this first step of our process of permanent improvement!

We finished the day with excellent public speeches in downtown Torreón!

A lot of tears of joy during the final session and like all courses, the brotherhood and solidarity were extremely strong.

Congratulations to the New Graduates. Welcome to the biggest global community of people facing their stutter!

Congratulations to Jorge Garza! For being an example, for the support, and inspiration to the new graduates and to the community in general! Thank you!

Thanks, Dave, for this wonderful programme, for keeping the quality standards and excellency that give us the possibility to go Beyond Stuttering!

Alfredo González

RD Latin America