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People Who Stammer Find their Voice in Mumbai!

The McGuire India Programme successfully conducted its first post-pandemic course to empower people who stammer in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai.

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Picture of People Who Stammer Finding their Voices in Mumbai.

Over a 4-day period in December 2022, a group of people who stammer (PWS) came together to smash their fear of stammering and transform their old speech patterns.

The McGuire India Programme successfully conducted its first post-pandemic course in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai. New students and members of the program came from many corners of India spanning a broad age group, diverse backgrounds, and varying degrees of stammering. But each of them had a common goal – to be the person they were meant to be without holding back.

The new students worked hard to learn new tools and techniques and apply them in the real world. The anxiety and fear remarkably transformed into big beautiful smiles on their faces by end of Saturday (see picture). 

Our members turned up to reignite their internal force and act as coaches and wingmen to the new students. They had dedicated splits to fortify their technique and set actionable goals to climb to the next level on the stairway to eloquence (more information about this is included below).

Overall, it was a very productive course with passionate instructors, disciplined new students, coaches and committed graduates. It was such an awesome experience. Well done to Rishabh Panchamia, and Dev Mehta for their brilliant course instruction. Staff trainer Matthew Richardsons’ dedication and love to help PWS in India and across the world is awe-inspiring. Thank you Matthew for empowering and giving a voice to so many PWS in the region. It is remarkable to see the region so vibrant and resilient, especially after the disruption unravelled by the pandemic. The proof is in the pudding.

Here are a few select comments from the Mumbai course:

The Programme positively touched my life. Truly amazing and the last 3 days were truly the best days of my life.- Sonam

The McGuire Programme has turned things around in my life in a huge way that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. – Dr. Navin

The course was simply life-changing! Brahma

The McGuire Programme has a very big support group that can help you every time. – Parth

I learnt effective techniques to overcome my stutter. – Vipul

This programme has given me a new lease on life! – Anoop

I was shown that being a covert stammerer isn’t healthy for me. Following techniques and staying disciplined have given me the kind of confidence that I never had. – Veeraj

It was a wonderful and life-changing experience. I couldn’t have asked for more. – Jaspreet

Helped me a lot in returning me back to basics. It was very fun and challenging at the same time. And I really enjoyed and learnt a lot.  – Srikar

The McGuire Programme awakens the force within. It is the most effective programme in the world that empowers PWS (People who stutter) to take control of their speech and help them achieve a better quality of life. There is no other programme out there that brings PWS together the way that we do. 

  • Course Span: 4.5 days
  • Distance travelled (by attendees): 150K+ KM
  • Countries represented: 5
  • Languages: 9
  • People talked with 5000+ strangers
  • Phone calls made to practice speaking the techniques: 250+
  • People who worked hard using the techniques for the 1st time and now have a voice: 6
  • Public speeches were given in the largest mall in Navi Mumbai.

If you are interested in learning about the McGuire Programme and/or attending a session in Summer 2023, please register your interest by clicking this link to register and we will get in touch with you. 

Let’s all get good at the Sport of Speaking!