James de Lange

James de Lange Cape Town, South Africa

Growing up with a stutter is not easy, as all of us who stutter know and will most certainly agree with me! I’ve been stuttering since I can remember as a young boy of 4,5 years old. All throughout primary school and almost through my high school career until the beginning of my matric, final […]

Freddie van der Westhuizen

Freddie van der Westhuizen Stellenbosch, South Africa

I have been stuttering for most of my speaking life. It only became a real problem in high school as I was very self-conscious about my speech. I was an overt stutterer trying very hard to hide my “broken” speech because I hated that side of myself. My thoughts were… “Who will ever like someone […]

Darin Wolfaardt

Darin Wolfaardt

I started stuttering when I was in pre-primary school and had to contend with this issue ever since. My first memory of my stutter was me sitting in front of a speech therapist at the age of around 6. When I become conscious of this problem is when it started becoming worst. High school it […]

Matt Wilton

I’m Matt Wilton from Somerset and I have had a stammer ever since I can remember and School and college days were hard as I used to avoid situations like away football matches as I may have to speak on the school bus! English was the worst feeling as I used to skip lessons when […]

Annelise Van Der Sandt

Annelise Van Der Sandt

I have been a stutterer since I started speaking. I remember certain grown-ups who always made big eyes at me and told me to speak properly. I was in grade 1 when the nurses visited the schools and one nurse asked me what my name was and I could not say it. After a while, her patience […]