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Then & Now, Yeshwanth, Going Beyond Stuttering/Stammering with The McGuire Programme

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Then & Now Video featuring Yeshwanth from McGuire Programme India Going Beyond Stuttering! 🔴 Subscribe for more video updates:…

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Yeshwanth shares his first-day video recorded before joining the programme and a video recorded during the course to show the progress made on his first course working on overcoming his stutter. Yeshwanth also shares a video recorded 5 years later and tells us how the programme has changed his life in living life with our methods to overcome his stutter. It’s amazing to see the transformation from out of control stuttering to overcoming stuttering.

It takes time and effort, continual practice and putting yourself into action by proving to yourself that you can do it! If you are interested in hearing more about going beyond stuttering, please get in touch. Don’t forget to like, follow, subscribe and share 🙂


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