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The McGuire Program in the United States and Canada helps you to overcome your stutter, and transforms people who stutter into articulate speakers.


HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT:  Rather than just concentrating on how to speak fluently, or searching for an unrealistic "cure for stuttering," we focus on giving you the physical and psychological skills to speak eloquently, and then give you a lifetime of continuous support so you can speak articulately in your everyday life.


WE STUTTER, TOO!  We are not speech therapists, and this approach is an alternative to speech therapy.  All McGP instructors and coaches are themselves stutterers who have been helped immensely by the Programme and have been trained to support you in your journey as well.


As stutterers ourselves, we all know exactly what it's like to be a person who stutters.  And while there may not be a "cure" for stuttering, we know how to help you overcome your stutter - because we are doing the same thing ourselves every day!


A SIMPLE FIRST STEP:  Fill out our FREE application today to learn more about how the McGuire Programme can help you overcome your stutter.  Then START YOUR JOURNEY with us at a 3-day intensive course, held several times per year in cities across the United States and Canada!

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Intensive Course June 15, 2022 to June 18, 2022
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We work with people who stutter; not simply with their stuttering. Our approach combines physical and psychological techniques to help people who stutter to speak eloquently - oftentimes even more eloquently than non-stutterers!

By focusing on assertiveness and non-avoidance, the McGuire Programme helps people who stutter tackle their fears of speaking.

With your hard work, courage, and perseverance - and our ongoing LIFETIME support - speaking truly becomes FUN! Start realizing your personal and professional potential by filling out a FREE application today! Apply Now

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